Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spiritual defenses

The best defense is a good offense, and how we have a good offense is to be prepared and well-trained.  Nothing we do in life comes to us automatically.  We have to actively seek skills to achieve the goals we have, then find a way to obtain and master those skills.

This is not a new idea, but many people seem to think that their prayer life and spiritual life will come easily and automatically.  Sitting down and closing your eyes and waiting for the magic touch of God is not how we obtain the skills necessary for our spiritual defense.

Spiritual defenses take time to build and a willingness to work every day on our armor.  Read the bible every day.  Meditate on the passage you just read.  How is God speaking to you through it?  Take time to prayer for your family, friends, the world and include your failures and how you would like to improve.  Ask for God’s help in these areas.  Every day.  We sin every day and need to acknowledge those sins so we can ask for help to become the people God knows we are.  Perfect Sons and Daughters of God.

This daily spiritual food is just the beginning.  This nutrition is necessary to build our strength to fight the spiritual battles we will encounter.  The enemy is sneaky, a liar, will seek to deceive you and will hit you with everything he has.  Every day we go into the world and engage in battle.  It’s a battle for your soul, your everlasting life.  Be ready.  Seek the Lord and keep his name ever on your lips.  To do anything less is to give your life over to the enemy.

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