Monday, May 30, 2011

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Have you ever thought you'd like to learn more about the Bible? Well ,we have an amazing Bible Study group right here at St. Ambrose that meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

We are using the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament. This bible is wonderful because it has its own commentary and questions for each of the chapters.  David Halliday leads the group, and I think the best part of the study is the extra preparation and research that David and his wife, Jill, do to educate us more on each chapter.

I know we are all busy, and a weekly commitment is hard to add to our
schedules.  But in this group you can come and go as your time allows.
You'll just have to attend a session and experience it for yourself to
see what I mean. Hope to see you there soon.


  1. Will this be meeting July 6th?

    I'll be in SLC that week and would like to visit (we're in process of moving to SLC)

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by @St. Ambrose blog this morning.

    When is the BIG move? How exciting ... how frightening! I wish you well in your new adventure.

    One of our other bloggers is involved in the study group you inquired about, she's double checking on the meeting because of the July 4th holiday. Someone will get back to you with an answer.

    BTW~I really like your blog! I'm adding it to my RSS feeds. I tried to leave this comment there, but alas, I'm not a team member and your comments are restricted. Hopefully, we'll see you soon in person...

    God Bless!

  3. Hi Holly,
    exactly (re exciting/frightening). great to meet another blogger!

    We’re loading June 30th and starting out July 1st (I’ll drive 26′ Penske, and MaryAlice will drive car, with 3 cats) and hope to get to SLC on the 4th. Hopefully our daughter doesn’t go into labor before then!

  4. Adelyn was born a few hours ago.

  5. Congratulations and welcome to beautiful Adelyn!
    Blessings to the entire family.

  6. thanks. I apologize for not making it to Bible study this evening..was just too tired

  7. Congratulations to you & your family & Adelyn!! I hope we will have the chance to meet soon.
    Blessings & prayers to all of you. Rose

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  9. Looking forward to study of St Mark's gospel starting up next Wednesday.