Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Rev. Robert Barron in Salt Lake City

The Rev. Robert Barron, a Catholic priest and theologian, will discuss “Proclaiming Christ to a Secular World,” at 9 a.m. Thursday, Jan 10th. The location is the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek and tickets are available for $7.50 in advance from Laurel Dokos, Cathedral of the Madeleine, 801-328-8941, or for $10 at the door.

The Rev. Robert Barron, commentator in a TV series on Catholicism will deliver the keynote speech at the Cathedral Ministry Conference and his speech will be open to the public. St. Ambrose will be presenting Father Baron’s 10 part documentary series “Catholicism” starting in the very near future and this is a wonderful opportunity to see and hear from the man behind this great program.

“Many people, we expect, will want to come to that talk,” said Rev. Msgr. Joseph Mayo, one of the organizers of the Cathedral Ministry Conference. “We were very fortunate to get him [Father Barron].”

Father Barron’s written and video commentaries are posted on his ministry website, Word on Fire, and on YouTube. He often reviews movies, engages in conversation with atheists, educates Catholics and gives the Catholic take on issues of interest to the secular world.

Father Barron was appointed last year as rector-president of Mundelein Seminary/University of St. Mary of the Lake, the largest Catholic seminary in the country. He has taught theology at the Illinois seminary since 1992.

The conference, which begins Monday afternoon, is expected to draw 100 Catholics who work in cathedrals throughout the country. A cathedral is a parish that is also the seat of a bishop, so there is a cathedral in every diocese. Cathedrals often stage public events, such as concert series or art lectures.

The Cathedral of the Madeleine has never before hosted the conference, but there is great interest in both the cathedral and Salt Lake City, Rev. Mayo said. For instance, rectors of other cathedrals are interested in learning about the Madeleine Choir School, one of only two such Catholic choir schools in the country.

The Rev. Michael G. Ryan, pastor of St. James Cathedral in Seattle, will give a keynote address, “Cathedral: Curiosity or Crossroads?” at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. 

Patricia Wittberg, a Sister of Charity and professor of sociology at Indiana University-Purdue University, will give another keynote, “From Generation to Generation: Thoughts on Passing on Our Faith,” at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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