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At times, this whole blogging thing can seem a little intimidating. But never fear, it’s easier than you might think!  We want to to encourage your participation here @St.Ambrose, our Parish blog, so we are including this tutorial on "How to Comment", just in case you need a little help.

You can always comment anonymously, if you must.  But if you choose this way of commenting, please include your name in the body of your comment itself; it’s nice to know who’s talking to us!

To comment using the anonymous profile, click on the word "comments" below the post you want to comment on.

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This is what your screen should look like. Type your message in the box, then  Click the little black down arrow next to the words "Select profile…" Choose the word "Anonymous"  from the drop down menu.
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This is what your screen should look like now. Type in your message, and click on either "Post Comment" or "Preview."

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If you choose to Preview your message, you'll also be able to edit it and make changes.

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So go ahead and edit your comment, if you wish, or just click on "Post Comment," but not until you fill in the word verification box to prove you're a human being and not a machine out there spamming nice blogs like ours.

But here's the thing.  If you are planning on being a frequent visitor to @St. Ambrose—and we hope you are—you should take a couple of minutes and create an account that identifies you each time you’re in the neighborhood on our Parish blog.  It’s so fun for us and others to see your little icon and get to know our frequent guests. 

So, here’s another tutorial.  This one will help you create a Google account profile.  Then you can comment on our blog using your own identity, by selecting "Google Account" in the "Select profile …" section (same as above where you had the option of selecting "Anonymous").  Yippee! You’ll no longer be unknown!

Ready to establish your own identity?  Great!  Read through the instructions below, then click, here… and let’s get started. 
Fill your information into the form.  Be sure to write down your sign-in information, password and your security question answer, and put them in a safe place, because if you don’t have a flawless memory, you’ll forget them as soon as you walk away from your computer.  Not that I've ever done that.  When your form is filled out, click the orange "CONTINUE" arrow.

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Next, decide what you want to show up as your Display name.  This is what will appear by each of your comments on the blog.  Your Display name can be your real name or something you make up, it’s up to you. Keep filling in the blanks.  Warning:  *Email notifications check-box — I never click anything like this if it means more items in my email inbox, unless I really, really, want the information.  Who has time to read all that email?   Accept the terms and continue by clicking the orange "CONTINUE" arrow again.

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Now, unless you want to create your own blog,  skip the Create Your Blog Now button and "CONTINUE" on.

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To continue, click "Edit Profile."  you don’t have to fill in all this information, BUT you do have to fill in your Email Address and your Display Name (remember, you decided what your Display Name would be a few steps back and you wrote it down for when you'd need it again).  Now, one thing  I  highly recommend is that you upload a photo of yourself.  Otherwise, you'll show up as a little gray picture like Father A.'s.  (Hey, I thought I fixed that for him.) 

Don't click to enlarge above photo, it's not worth it!

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However, if you follow my directions you could have a photo of yourself, or something else of your choosing—like mine above.  There is one thing to be careful of when picking out a photo, it can’t be too big.  If you can’t find something small enough, email us atst.ambrose@gmail.com and we’ll help you out.

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To upload your photo, locate the section of the form pictured above.  Click the "Browse" button if your photo is on your computer (usually your picture is located in your picture or photo file) the" From the web" button if your photo is on the Internet.  Select the photo of your choice, and click "open."  Your photo should upload automatically, like mine did above. 

When you’ve finished filling in the required fields, and any optional information you want to show up on your profile, click the "Save" button located at the bottom of the page.  Remember, your profile information will be viewed by people who click on your profile link, so only write what you feel comfortable sharing.  The only items I filled out were the required fields, the address of my personal blog, and the "about me" stuff.  You can see them displayed in the photo.  You can always go back later and fill in more profile information.  That’s what edit buttons are for.

I’m sure you're excited to take your new Google profile for a test drive, and we @St.Ambrose are excited for you—so hop on over to the comment section of the blog and leave us a message.  We’ve been waiting to hear from YOU!

One last thing, now that you have your own profile, you can follow us.  Hooray!  Just Click the Google "Follow" button on the sidebar (the one with little tiny faces by it.)  Then click "follow this blog," and then click "done."  Following us shows your support. 

Remember to bookmark our blog.  Just click on the name of your own browser and you'll go to a tutorial on how to bookmark.  (Firefox, Explorer, Safari, Chrome) the Google sign in and @St.Ambrose blog on your computer.  Now we’re just one click away.

Be sure to visit often, we’re always happy to hear from YOU!