Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meeting Rev. Robert Barron

Yesterday was a great day, an exciting day, and if you’re familiar with Rev. Robert Barron, the Catholic priest and theologian, you’ll understand my enthusiasm. I was lucky enough to meet Father Barron while he was here in Salt Lake City speaking at a convention of cathedral people. I’m not sure exactly who cathedral people are or what they do, but I was thrilled they decided to meet here in Salt Lake City, and that they invited Father Barron to attend their convention as a keynote speaker.

I’ve be a Father Barron fan for years, I came across one of his YouTube videos while surfing the Internet looking for information on science and religion (needed to show my 15 year-old that you can believe in both). One thing led to another, which led me to his website, which led me to his 10 part Catholicism series and I'm happy to say that our parish is planning to present his magnificent series to our parishioner’s in the upcoming Year of Faith. Today, I was able to see and hear him in person at the Cathedral Ministry Conference.

He was as remarkable in person as I had hoped he would be.

I admire his vast knowledge, his infectious enthusiasm, his commitment to the church and to evangelization, but mostly I admire his speaking skills. Why? Because you can have all of the earlier mentioned qualities, but if you aren’t a great speaker the message gets lost in translation. Father Barron is a great speaker and his message comes across loud and clear.

Catholicism: It's Your Story 

Visit Father Barron's website. You might be surprised by what you find there, but you won't be disappointed!

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