Our Prayer Room

Thank you for joining us in our Prayer Room, where the prayer requests we receive are posted.  We encourage you to read over the prayer requests and choose someone you would like to hold in your own prayers.

You can also request prayers by submitting a Prayer Request form.  The request will then be published here in our Prayer Room, and will be given to our "Prayer Ladies," an awesome group of women who meet weekly for intercessory prayer.

Prayer Requests

* For God's healing of a hiatal hernia

For God's healing and protection, peace and hope in the broken hearts, and shattered lives made more difficult by financial issues.  Please pray for relief and restoration.

For friends, family, foster and adopted children, and our beloved pets.  And for the medical professionals who care for us when we are ill.  Also, a safe pregnancy, and the special intentions of co-workers.  Also, the souls in purgatory. 

For employment, family members, and acceptance of Jesus in other countries. 

For healing of an eldest daughter, and direction in life

That God will help a professional soccer player to perform to his best ability

Emotional healing, that a friend might be guided by the Truth.

Healing for a friend

That St. Michael will protect all children in schools everywhere

Recovery from brain injury

Fulfilling life for empty nest mom

Protection for son from bullies at school.

Thanksgiving for the bounties of the Lord, help in being a good steward.

For family, for solid decisions in financial matters.

For an upcoming marriage

For the gift of vocation, and family reconciliation.

A friend who is near death

God's healing, protection, peace & hope for a  husband and wife in very difficult circumstances.

Emotional recovery from the death of a son, and other ongoing sorrows.

A difficult situation between coworkers, for resolution and peace, love and healing of relationships

For good results on medical tests

For the disabled and elderly with health, mobililty, and other challenges.

A job in jeopardy

* For a family who lost a 4 month old son/grandson

* My mother, Rose.

* For my friend, Ray.

* For normal medical test results

* For miraculous healing and the ability to conceive a child.

* For all people who are unable to walk or who have other disorders. 

* My husband found out recently that his job is in jeopardy.  Please pray that my husband can turn things around and keep his job!  2/20

* For Linda S., who was just rushed to the hospital.  No further information as to cause.

Parishioner Linda R. is having her hip replaced today.  Please pray for successful surgery, rehab, and pain control. 

* A parish family is in need of prayers for their sweet baby Emerson who has Trisomy 18. You can read about his condition hereEmerson' feeding tube came out last night. Hospice came to fix it, but his color hasn't been the same since. He's had 2 apnea spells. Please pray for Emerson's family and help his Mom, Dad and Brothers feel at peace 

* For parishioner Mike C., who has just been put on the Kidney Transplant List. 

* For the repose of the soul of Shane Walker.
* Mia got sick. Some kind of virus? It ended up causing Myocarditis. Via an unbelievable series of seemingly unrelated miracles... she ended up at Primary Children's Hospital Please pray for Mia and a quick recovery!  

* Please pray for my friend Ray that he find success in his new occupation. 

* Please pray for my friend's son, John. His dream was to be a master craftsman and boat builder. During his first week at his new job, he fell and broke his neck. He is now paralyzed from the neck down and is suffering a terrible and deep depression. He is not eating. He is 24 years old.

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