Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Mother's Ears

I got my mom’s ears, and my dad’s nose.  Truth be told, I’d rather it were reversed.  But I got my Grandma’s ankles, which pleases me to no end.  And I got my Great Aunt Emma’s hair, which I believe is punishment for all the giggles that, as children, my brother and I shared over her little pink head, dusted with pure white, downy-fine hair.

We can choose a lot of things, but we can’t choose our gene pool.  All of us are recipients of unique traits handed down to us through generations; and that conglomeration of characteristics is what makes us unique individuals.

But we are so much more than the sum total of our eye color, our hairline, and the size of our feet.  We are who we are because of every decision we have ever made, every person we have ever loved, every painful event we have ever suffered through.  And who we are is constantly changing and evolving.

So here’s the thing.  You can't change your bone structure, but you can always change your mind. 

Every day we make hundreds of decisions; some seemingly insignificant, some we recognize as life changing.  You can change who you are beginning with your very next decision.

Is there something about you that you would like to change? 

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