Tuesday, April 17, 2012

St. Ambrose Choir

 Did you know our choir has a Facebook Group where some of them post practice references, announcements about upcoming choir events, and videos that Sarah makes with recordings of them singing at Mass. Her latest video is of "The Reproaches" by John Sanders, which they sang on Good Friday during the veneration of the cross. Father Andrzej asked her to share it with the blog.
  I'm so glad that Fr did, if you were unable to attend Good Friday services you will love listening to the choir sing... 



  1. Supermurgitroid ... that's absolutely beautiful! Can you post the link to the facebook page too? I'd love to follow the choir on fb.

    Did you happen to notice that the videos of the choir have had 3,442 views? Chris is the Daddy-o of church choir directors!

    1. Holly, we're a group rather than a page, and the group is closed because of copyright concerns. We want to keep the group just choir members for that reason. Feel free to subscribe to our channel on Youtube though. You can do so through your Google account. I would also be willing to keep the blog posted whenever I post a new video to the channel.

      Thanks for the compliments,