Saturday, June 18, 2011

STEWARDSHIP — What does it mean to YOU?

STEWARDSHIP. What does it mean to YOU? What does it mean to the person next to you? Chances are there are many descriptions of the good work associated with this concept. It is all encompassing. But almost all responses will have the common factor of being a disciple of Christ! That’s it! In being a disciple of Christ it means that we live our promise of Baptism and Confirmation, that we carry our faith into our every action! Jesus is with us, guides us in our actions if we only ask Him for His help through prayer. He shows us the way through the gospel so we know how to act. 

Bishop John Wester invites every parish to establish a Stewardship Council to focus on Stewardship within our parish. With Bishop Wester’s guidance, this group of 20 devoted parishioners from St. Ambrose Parish, we begin the study of what we do well, what we need to improve, and how we will make the needed changes in keeping participation in our parish meaningful to all parishioners. Our Stewardship Council looks forward to talking with you, parishioners, to incorporate your ideas in the parish plan.

As we begin this journey, we experience a conversion of heart that comes through the Holy Spirit working within us. The US Council of Catholic Bishop’s stewardship pastoral letter tells us:

            Beginning in conversion, change of mind and heart,
            the commitment is expressed not in a single action,
            nor even in a number of actions over a period of time,
            but in an entire way of life.

We look forward to our work with you, fellow parishioners.

Rosemary Baron, Stewardship Council Chair

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