Monday, June 20, 2011

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About.....Blogging?

Have you had a chance to poke around our new parish blog?  Well, it just got a lot easier. 

Thanks to the efforts of the computer geek on the blogging team, we now have a page entitled, “Come Play With Us.”  You can click here to explore and learn the “how to’s” of romping about @St.Ambrose blog.

This page has simple explanations and instructions on how to comment on a post, how to follow us, how to submit ideas for future posts, and most important of all, how to sign up to receive updates by email.

We encourage every parishioner to receive updates by email, here:  The submission form is on the left side, right below our Welcome Message.  Just type in your email address and click the submit button—voila!

Your @St,Ambrose blogging team wants to make this a fun, interactive place for all of us.  It’s the place to find up-to-date information on parish events, groups, volunteer opportunities, and lots of other Catholic stuff.  And when you sign up to receive updates by email, you will automatically receive new information as it is posted. 

It’s your own personal online coffee klatch—a casual social gathering for coffee and conversation via the Internet—so, pull up a chair, fire-up  that computer, and grab your cup of joe, here we go…

One more thing…it will be very helpful to bookmark or mark as a favorite @St.Ambroses’ home page:  That way you can easily pop in, look around, and go right to the information you need by using our nifty “search” feature.


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