Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 10, 2016-15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Reflection-C

This Sunday we are reminded to live the gospel message in our daily lives, and that we bring Christ to everyone we meet.  This is a heavy charge given to us.  First we must live in the way Christ taught us by living the commandments and gospel message.  We must keep the commandments and be living examples of the joy Christ brings to our lives when we live as we should.  We must live a moral life, without tolerating sin in our lives.  Then we need to love those around us where they are. 

We must also be good neighbors to everyone around us.  Loving the sinner means bringing Christ to them.  We heal their wounds, meet their physical needs, and help when and where we can.  But then we are asked to meet their spiritual needs.  We cannot stop with just the body, but we need to bring the message of Christ and his healing power to their souls as well.  Sin needs to be acknowledged so it can be forgiven.  Christ always forgave the sins of those he healed.  Usually before he healed them he forgave their sins, because that was more important.  “Your sins are forgiven, now go and sin no more”, was a phrase often heard by Jesus.  So now the charge for us: Go and live the gospel message, healing body and soul of those you encounter, to bring all to Christ to live with him in his eternal kingdom.

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