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Sacred Music Colloquium June 25th - July 1st

On June 25th - July 1st,  several hundred singers from all around the United States will be coming to Salt Lake City for the 22nd Sacred Music Colloquium.  While the training sessions and lectures on Gregorian Chant and Renaissance Polyphony are for Colloquium participants, there are many related events at the Cathedral of the Madeleine which the public is encouraged to attend:

Friday June 29th Mass in Extraordinary Form, 5:15pm - music of Louis Vierne
Saturday June 30 Vespers, 3pm - music of Orlando di Lasso
Sunday July 1 Mass, 11am - music of Monteverdi

Other Masses at which the Colloquium participants will be singing include:

Tuesday, June 26, 5:15PM – OF English – Votive Mass of St John the Baptist
Wednesday, June 27, 5:15PM – EF – Missa Cantata - Requiem
Thursday, June 28, 5:15PM – OF – St Iranaeus – Bishop and Martyr
Saturday, June 30, 11:00AM – OF Latin – Votive of the BVM
There is also sung Morning Prayer at 8:30am.

There will be pre-Mass lectures open to the public , 3:45-4:45pm Tuesday - Friday, by: Gregory Glenn,  Msgr Andrew Wadsworth, Rev. Guy Nicholls, and Dr William Mahrt.

More information about the Colloquium is at:

Details about the musical repertoire and pre-Mass lectures are at:

Pre Mass lectures:

Tuesday, June 26th, 3:45pm  - Gregory Glenn
Wednesday, June 27th, 3:45pm - Msgr Andrew Wadsworth: Reform of the Roman Rite
Thursday, June 28th, 3:45pm - Rev. Guy Nicholls: Gradual Progress
Friday, June 29th, 3:45pm - Dr William Mahrt: Vespers, Its Place in Liturgical Life

Repertoire (preliminary, subject to change):

Tuesday, 6/26

OF: Votive Mass of St. John the Baptist
Organ Prelude: Fantasy & Fugue in C Minor, BWV 537 (J.S. Bach) (Ryan)
Introit: De ventre matris meae (mode i) (MS)
Kyrie: Mueller (Brouwers)
Gloria: Mueller (Brouwers)
Gradual: Priusquam (mode v) (WS)
Alleluia: Tu puer (mode ii) (WS)
Offertory: Justus ut palma (mode iv) (MS)
Motet at the Offertory:  Hear the Voice and Prayer (Tallis) (Mahrt)
Sanctus: Mueller (Brouwers)
Agnus Dei: Mueller (Brouwers)
Communion: Tu puer (mode ii) (WS)
Motet at the Communion: Come Holy Ghost (Gibbons) (Buchholz)
Recessional: Ut queant laxis
Organ Postlude: Pièce d’Orgue, BWV 572 (J.S. Bach) (Ryan)

Wednesday, 6/27
EF: Requiem
Introit: Requiem aeternam (mode vi) (WR)
Gradual: Requiem aeternam (mode ii) (WS)
Tract: Absolve (mode viii) (MS)
Sequence: Dies irae (mode ii) (all)
Offertory: Domine Jesu Christe (Guerrero) (Mahrt)
Communion: Lux aeterna (mode viii) (MR)

Thursday, 6/28
OF: St  Iranaeus, Bishop and Martyr
Organ Prelude: Variations on Sanctorum Meritis (Titelouze) (Labounsky)
Introit: Loquetur Dominus pacem (mode iii)(Brouwers chant seminar)
Kyrie: Mass II
Gradual: Inveni David, servum meum (mode i)(MS)
Alleluia: Spiritus Sanctus docebit vos (mode viii)(MS)
Offertory: Benedicam Dominum (mode i) (Schaefer chant seminar)
Sanctus Mass II
Agnus Mass II
Communion: Quod dico vobis (mode iv)( WS)
Motet at the Communion: O Sacrum Convivium (Croce) (Horst)
Organ Postlude: Magnificat on the Eighth Tone (Titelouze) (Labounsky)

Friday, 6/29
EF: Ss. Peter & Paul
Vierne Mass (Horst)
Organ Prelude: Adagio from Symphonie No. 3 in F-sharp Minor, Op. 28 (Vierne) (Ryan)
Introit: Nunc scio vere (mode iii) (MS)
Kyrie: Vierne Messe solennelle (Buchholz)
Gloria: Vierne Messe solennelle (Buchholz)
Gradual: Constitues eos (mode v) (WS)
Alleluia: Tu es Petrus (mode ii) (WS)

Saturday, 6/30  11:00am 
Organ Prelude: Virgo mediatrix from Offrande à la Vierge, Op. 40 (Dupré) (Doug O’Neill)
Introit: Salve sancta Parens (mode ii) (MR)
Kyrie Mass IX
Gloria Mass IX
Gradual: Diffusa est (mode v) (MS)
Alleluia: Virga Jesse floruit (mode viii) (MS)
Offertory: Ave Maria (mode viii) (WS)
Motet at the Offertory: Ave Maria...Virgo serena (Josquin) (Wilko)
Sanctus Mass IX
Agnus Mass IX
Communion: Beata viscera (mode i) (MF)
Motet at the Communion: Ave Maria (Elgar) (Cecilia)
Recessional: Ave Maris Stella (chant) [tutti, in alternatim.  Women begin.]
Organ Postlude: Fantasie-Improvisation sur “Ave maris stella” from Five Improvisations reconstructed by
Duruflé (Tournemire) (O’Neill)

Saturday, 6/30   3:00pm
Vespers (Mahrt)

Sunday, 7/1
OF: 13th Sunday of the Year (Year B)
Monteverdi: Messa da cappella à 4 (1650) (Brouwers)
Organ Prelude: Chaconne in C Minor, BuxWV 159 (Buxtehude) (Buchholz)
Introit: Omnes gentes (mode vi) (WS)
Kyrie: Monteverdi
Gloria: Monteverdi
Gradual: Venite filii (mode v)(Gradual from years A and C) (Schaefer Chant Seminar)
Alleluia: Omnes gentes (mode i) (MS)
Credo: Monteverdi
Offertory: Sicut in holocausto (mode v) (WS)
Motet at the Offertory (O Sacrum Convivium; Morales)
Organ improvisation at the Offertory
Sanctus: Monteverdi
Agnus Dei: Monteverdi
Communion: Inclina aurem tuam (mode iv) (WF)
Motet at the Communion: (Nam)
Recessional: Ave Maria, Bruckner (tutti)
Organ Postlude: Improvisation: Hommage à Buxtehude (Buchholz)

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