Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Parish Boundaries

I was in what my granddaughter calls the 'Nut Muffin Store,' in the 9th & 9th neighborhood where I live, and a fellow asks me:

So, where do you go to church?

   I don't go to church.


    I don't GO to church. I'm Catholic; I'm IN the Church, I don't go to church, I GO to Mass.

Well then, where do you go to Mass?

    At Saint Ambrose.

So, you're in the St Ambrose parish, in Sugarhouse?

     I'm a member of St Ambrose, but I don't live within the parish boundaries.

What boundaries?

What are the boundaries good for, what do the parish boundaries mean?

   The parish is the area for which we, the members of St Ambrose,
    have a particular responsibility to pray.  To pray for everyone in
    the parish, in our neighborhood, not just the members of the Catholic
    Church who attend Mass at Saint Ambrose.

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